Online Learning Material is designed to help students understand Oracle eAM’s capabilities as well as how to use them. A student website with individual logins is designed to help students allocate their time and study efficiently based on where they need the most preparation for the exams. Engaging graphics with audio explanations help students understand terminology, concepts and functional design. Animated demonstrations with audio provide step-by-step instructions for setup, configuration and use of the application. Each lesson has an outline with time stamps for each topic allowing students to skip or rapidly move to the topic they want. The Student Website also provides a global search feature that allows students to search all lessons for specific key words or topics.


Self-study Guides are designed to help students efficiently review additional learning and reference material as well as sharpen their skills in using Oracle eAM. They are available via login to the EAM Masters’ Student Website. Students are encouraged to read the study guide for each lesson and allocate their study and practice time based on their level of Oracle eAM knowledge and skills.


Web Discussion Sessions are designed to provide timely answers to questions, help students understand the learning material and improve their use of the application. The web discussion sessions will cover 2 lessons each. The final web discussion session will be an open discussion on all lessons and topics. Web discussion sessions are facilitated by Certified EAM Masters Instructors with in-depth knowledge and expertise on all topics covered in the course and on the exams. Students are expected to review the online learning material thoroughly and complete the exercises in the self-study guide prior to the discussion sessions.


A Different Approach
Carefully designed Web-casts explain and illuminate the inner workings of eAM within the context of the underlying science, engineering and business of maintenance and reliability management.  Field tested work-flows, techniques and examples help students enhance and streamline their use of the software.  Engaging web-discussions with industry experts and challenging homework assignments empower participants to solve real issues in their current Oracle eAM environment.



Who Should Attend?
Our courses are ideal for anyone involved in setting up, configuring, managing or using Asset data in Oracle eAM.  People with job responsibilities such as maintenance engineer, reliability engineer, maintenance planner/scheduler, maintenance management/supervision, reliability coordinator, etc. will all gain valuable knowledge and skills in this program.  Busy professionals in these roles will also appreciate the convenience of the web-based delivery of this course.


EAM Master courses take advantage of the way the adult brain learns - through repeated exposure and use of new ideas, concepts and information over a spaced interval of time.  Different modes of exposure such as engaging audio-visual lessons, realistic examples, try it yourself exercises and engaging discussions with peers help students internalize the new concepts and information so they can function at a higher level in their organization.  Using these techniques our courses are able to develop people's capabilities rather than just provide software training.


  • Completely Web-based

  • Weekly Webcasts  and/or Replays on each Learning Module

  • Weekly Exercises to Apply Learned Material

  • Weekly Web Discussions on Material and Exercises

  • Access to Oracle eAM Experts for Questions and Advice

  • Access to Course Material via Web

  • Certificate of Completion


  • Oracle eAM Customer

  • Familiar with Oracle eAM Product

  • Access to a Test Oracle eAM Environment

  • Access to a Production Oracle eAM Environment

  • High-speed Internet Access

  • Able to Commit 6-8 Hrs per Wk

  • Successful Completion of Exercises

  • Active Participation in Discussions

  • Minimum Criteria to Pass Course

Registration and Payment
Securing your spot in one of our Open Enrollment Programs requires both registration and payment. The button on the right will take you through the registration and payment process. A number of convenient payment options are available including Wire Transfer, Purchase Order, Check and Credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

Price and Value
The standard price varies for each course and for the format in which it is delivered.

See the individual listing or contact us direct for specific pricing.

The instructor of this course has spent years as a Reliability Consultant and helped many large asset intensive companies develop and implement Asset Reliability improvement programs. He is also a distinguished expert on the Oracle eAM solution and has pioneered it's use to support Reliability initiatives. To our knowledge, no other company offers Reliability Management course for Oracle eAM anywhere.

Group Discounts
Special pricing is available for a team of 6 or more participants from the same company. These Team Programs include special services and can be tailored to meet specific business needs. Contact us direct for details about groups.

Getting More Information
We would be happy to discuss and explain our development programs in more detail. Use the contact button to set up a conference or to talk to a representative.


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