• Two types of Certification are available, Master Certification™ and Planner Certification™. Each type of Certification has two separate exams – Level 1 (knowledge) and Level 2 (practical skills).  Level 1 must be attained before Level 2 can be attempted, but Level 2 is optional.  
    Candidates for Level 2 certification must first attain Level 1 certification.  This certification confirms that a candidate possesses both knowledge AND practical skills for using all features and function of Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) plus integration with Oracle Inventory, Purchasing and Accounting.  Certification requires passing a rigorous Practical Skills Evaluation consisting of 50 hands-on exercises that are complete in an Oracle eAM test system.  The online test is timed and candidates will have 3 ½ hours to complete it.  EAM Masters will provide a User Login and access to an Oracle EBS test instance to take the exam.  Certification requires a minimum score of 70% on the exam.

    EAM Certificaion - Level 2 Exam

    • Oracle eAM Certification Training
      The Master and Planner Certification training courses have 16 and 12 lessons, respectively (see curriculum outlines below.  These courses are designed to help users learn Oracle eAM in a detailed and sustainable way, as well as prepare them for the certification exams.  We recommend that participants take the certification exam(s) soon after they complete the training.  When the knowledge and skills are fresh in their minds they will be more likely to score a “personal best” on the exams.  All topics that are covered on the Master and Planner exams are included in the respective course. 

      Master and Planner Certification courses utilize a combination of online learning material, self-study guides and interactive web discussions with instructors as described below.    

      Online Learning Material
      The online learning material is designed to help students understand Oracle eAM capabilities as well as how to use them. Participants are given a secure login to the EAM Masters Student Website to access the online learning material.  The student website is designed to help students allocate their time and study effort efficiently based on where they need the most preparation and improved knowledge.  Each lesson is 30 to 45 minutes long and covers several key topics.  Engaging graphics with audio explanations help students understand terminology, concepts and functional design.  Animated  demonstrations with audio provide step-by-step instructions for setup, configuration and use of the application.  Each lesson has an outline that provides a time stamp for each topic so that students can easily find topics, review them multiple times or skip to a specific topic they have a question on.  The Student Website also provides a global search feature that allows students to search all lessons for specific key words or topics. 

      Self-study Guides
      The Self-study Guides are designed to help students efficiently review additional learning and reference material as well as specific exercises to sharpen their skills in using Oracle eAM.  They are available to view and download via their login to the EAM Masters Student Website.  Students are encouraged to read the study guide for each lesson and allocate their study and practice time based on their current level of Oracle eAM knowledge and skills.

      Web Discussion Sessions
      Discussion sessions are designed to provide timely answers to questions, help students understand the learning material and improve their use of the application.  Web discussion sessions are facilitated by Certified EAM Masters Instructors with in-depth knowledge and expertise on all topics covered in the course and on the exams.  They also have knowledge and experience in maintenance processes and practices.  The schedule for the discussions depends on the course and format option chosen (see curriculum outlines below for details).  Students will maximize the value of discussion sessions by reviewing the online learning material thoroughly and doing the exercises in the self-study guide prior to the discussion sessions.  We recommend students write down notes and questions so that they will be prepared to discuss them with instructors.  Students may also email questions to instructors prior to discussions.

      Curriculum Outlines (Boot Camp Format)
      The table below provides a schedule for the Web Discussion Sessions and the lessons that will be covered in each.  It also explains the topics that will be covered in the online learning material for each lesson.  Note that the “Self-Paced Format” can have more flexible duration and schedule for discussion sessions (see options section below).

      Course Options and Formats
      Our online training material and “web-delivered” learning process is very flexible and can accommodate a variety of organizational and individual learning needs.  The schedules in the tables above are for the Master and Planner courses for the “Boot Camp” format.  Boot Camps are rapid pace courses with 8 to 12 participants and a “set schedule” for discussion sessions and course completion.  The same courses and learning content are also available with other scheduling options and formats, including:

      Self-Paced Format vs. Boot Camp Format
      As the name implies, this format is very flexible in terms of course duration and scheduling.  Individuals or small groups can cover the online material at their own pace and schedule web discussions with their instructor at times that are most convenient for them.  Consider this option for candidates that have less experience with Oracle eAM or need more one-on-one time with an instructor or just have a demanding job that does not allow them dedicate the time for a “Boot Camp” pace.

      Private Class vs. Public or “Open” Class
      Public Classes are “Open” to anyone and thus will include participants from multiple companies.  A Private Class, on the other hand, is group of people form the same company that attend a class together.  The benefits of a Private Class are 2 fold.  First, company initiative can be supported more directly by including key leaders in the discussion sessions and/or by modifying Study Guides to support specific objectives.  Second, there is much more flexibility for the duration of the course and the logistics of the discussion sessions.  A Private Course requires a minimum number of participants, but it also includes discounts.

      Summary of Costs
      The cost for the Oracle eAM Master Certification programs depends on the course selected, the number of participants and format selected.  This section explains the costs for the Master and Planner Certification courses for a number of different options.  Each course includes the cost of the Level 1 Exam (knowledge test) as well as a “2nd attempt” if they don’t achieve a passing score of 70% (as long as they achieve 60% or better).  The Level 2 Exam (practical skills evaluation) is priced separately.

      Master Certification
      Boot Camp Course Format - $2,495 per person
      (see 5 week timeline above)

      • 10% discount for a Private Class of 6 or more people

      Self-Paced Format - $4,995 per person (timeline can be up to 16 weeks)

      • 10% discount for group of 3 or more that schedule discussions together


      Level 2 Exam - $495 per person (Practical skills evaluation)
      Planner Certification
      Boot Camp Course Format - $1,895 per person (see 4 week timeline above)

      • 10% discount for a Private Class of 8 or more people

      Self-Paced Format - $3,795 per person (timeline can be up to 12 weeks)

      • 10% discount for group of 3 or more that schedule discussions together

      Level 2 Exam - $495 per person (Practical skills evaluation)

      When multiple people from the same company take the Certification Exam, we require some kind of proctoring for the exam as well as validation that designated individuals are taking the exam in a secure and proper manner.


      Full payment is required for registration in a Public Class.  Private Classes and Self-Paced courses can begin when payment is received or when a Purchase Order is authorized.

      We understand that selecting the right course and format is an important decision.  Please let us know if you have questions or would like to arrange a call or web meeting to discuss the available options.  We can also provide access to sample lessons or provide contact information for companies and people that have taken our courses.

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