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Our unique virtual training courses incorporate a variety of learning methods including: video captured seminars, live and recorded web-leaning sessions, interactive web discussions, practical and hands-on assignments, study guides and practice quizzes. Courses are offered in self pace or group formats and range from 1 day seminars to 16 lessons master courses.



Maintenance Cloud


Expert Instructors will provide an introduction to the features and functions of Oracle Maintenance Cloud application. They will review what’s new and different from Oracle eAM. Find out how ready your company is to take advantage of the opportunity to shift to the Cloud.

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As the name implies, this format is very flexible in terms of course duration and scheduling.  Individuals or small groups can cover the online material at their own pace and schedule web discussions with their instructor at times that are most convenient for them.  Consider this option for candidates that have less experience with Oracle eAM & Maintenance Cloud or need more one-on-one time with an instructor or just have a demanding job that does not allow them to dedicate the time for a “Boot Camp” pace.

Boot Camps are rapid pace courses with 8 to 12 participants and a “set schedule” for discussion sessions and course completion. This format is designed to cover the material in a short period of time and prepare the student for the certification exams. Whether Planner or User, novice or seasoned expert, the boot camp provides an intense, hyper-focused experience and is the fastest way to becoming an efficient eAM user.


A Private Class is made up of a group of people from the same company that attend a class together. This allows a company initiative to be directly supported by including key leaders in the discussion sessions and/or by modifying Study Guides to support specific objectives. Plus, there is much more flexibility for the duration of the course and the logistics of the discussion sessions. A Private Course requires a minimum number of participants, but it also includes discounts.




Level 1 certification confirms that a candidate possesses a thorough knowledge of all features and function of Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM).  The Master certification requires a greater understanding than the Planner in some of the topics, such as eAM setups, asset modeling and integration with Oracle Inventory, Purchasing and Accounting.   Certification requires passing a rigorous online timed Knowledge Exam.  Each exam is uniquely constructed by randomly selecting a specific number of questions from each of topic question pools.  Certification requires a minimum score of 70% on the exam.

Candidates for Level 2 certification must first attain Level 1 certification.  This certification confirms that a candidate possesses both knowledge AND practical skills for using all features and function of Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) plus integration with Oracle Inventory, Purchasing and Accounting.  Certification requires passing a rigorous Practical Skills Evaluation consisting of 50 hands-on exercises that are complete in an Oracle eAM test system.  The online test is timed and candidates will have 3 ½ hours to complete it.  EAM Masters will provide a User Login and access to an Oracle EBS test instance to take the exam.  Certification requires a minimum score of 70% on the exam.

The only Oracle eAM Certification currently available, a Steering Committee of respected leaders in the Oracle eAM community from large, asset intensive organizations has carefully guided the development of this exam. Thoroughly designed for the expert-level user, the exam incorporates both knowledge and practical assessments. EAM Masters, LLC offers a full Certification Program including a variety of training options and the 2-part certification exam.




Our Master Scorecard is a simple and inexpensive way to gauge how well you have implemented Oracle eAM and the extent to which you are fully utilizing the capabilities of the system. We have worked with over 40 large industrial companies over the years and have found that most are not taking full advantage of all of the full functionality of Oracle eAM. Our Master Scorecard provides an objective and quantitative measure of your current use of Oracle eAM, as well as a simple road map for improving the business value of your investment. These can be done remotely with the complete evaluation results in a few days. Scorecards can be done at a corporate level, an individual site level or both. Contact us for more information and/or to arrange a Master Scorecard evaluation.

​Self-Assessment - FREE

Self-Scorecard - Online self-survey of 32 functional areas of Oracle eAM

Basic - $995
Online Verified Scorecard - Private 1-3 hour expert-led web survey of 32 functional areas of Oracle eAM. Immediate discussion of analysis, comparisons and recommendations.

Standard - $2,500
Online Verified Scorecard with detailed report with findings & recommendations - Private 2-4 hour expert-led online investigation of the organizations maintenance structure and current use of Oracle eAM. Thorough report and discussion of detailed analysis, comparisons and recommendations.

Premium - $5,000 + travel additional divisions/sites with separate scorecard $2,500

Onsite Verified Scorecard with detailed report with findings & recommendations - Onsite 2-3 day expert-led investigation of the organizations maintenance structure and current use of Oracle eAM. Customized report and discussion of detailed analysis, comparisons and recommendations.




Virtual Support Services provide a cost-effective way to get expert advice and assistance on Oracle eAM. Support is provided remotely via web meetings, VPN connections and email correspondence. Support plans can be a fixed monthly rate or a pay-as-you-go arrangement and service providers are expert consultants with substantial field implementation experience. Whether you need a second opinion on your setup parameters, want someone to help you improve your use of a particular part of the application or just need help troubleshooting a problem, our Virtual Support Services can help you and your organization continue to expand and improve your use of the Oracle eAM & Maintenance Cloud solution.  DOWNLOAD FULL BROCHURE


What is a VIP?  -  Virtual Implementation or Improvement Program
A “Virtual Implementation or Improvement” is a project where most of the consulting, training, and implementation support services are cloud-based and delivered remotely via web meetings, VPN access and email correspondence. This approach represents a 50% to 60% cost reduction over a traditional “fly-in consulting” project. More importantly, the EAM Masters Virtual Implementation/ Improvement Program delivers more sustainable results.

How do we get better results?
Our superior results originate from our training philosophy. We believe that once the organization fully understands how to use Oracle eAM & Maintenance Cloud to manage and improve maintenance, they will take full ownership of the system. All of our VIPs starts with training on day one and continues through setup, configuration, data migration, testing, cutover and post-cutover support. By the end of the project our customers are fully capable of using, managing and improving Oracle eAM & Maintenance Cloud in a sustainable way.

Where do the savings come from?
The most obvious cost saving for a Virtual Implementation is reduced travel cost. Airfares, auto rentals, lodging, meals, etc. for onsite trainers and consultants makes up 15-20% of the cost of a traditional “fly-in consulting” project. Our cloud-based training and support approach “virtually” eliminates this cost. The rest of the cost savings (30-40%) come from resource efficiencies. Our standardized learning programs guide the entire implementation process and well-designed templates automate development of all project deliverables. It’s simply a much more efficient way to transfer the knowledge and get all of the work done.

Why EAM Masters?
Unlike many “systems” companies, EAM Masters has deep expertise in Maintenance and Asset Reliability. We have consultants with 15 plus years of experience helping large industrial companies improve their maintenance processes and performance. The business benefits of improving maintenance and asset reliability are substantial for asset-intensive industries. Taking advantage of our Asset Management Consultants has the added benefit of our unmatched expertise in the Oracle eAM & Maintenance Cloud solution. We can help you develop and execute an Asset Reliability Improvement program, develop and implement Maintenance Performance Metrics or support any of your maintenance improvement initiatives. Contact us to arrange an informal discussion with one of our Asset Management Consultants.

Are you achieving “full and productive” use of Oracle eAM ?  Our benchmarking studies indicate that most companies are using less than 50% of Oracle eAM’s capabilities.  What would it be worth to unlock this hidden potential?

EAM Masters offers Targeted Improvement Projects (TIPs) to help companies take full advantage of specific Oracle eAM capabilities.  TIPs include training, policy and procedure development, setup, configuration and data cleanup. These unique bundled projects are the quickest and most efficient way to add individual functions to your maintenance system. All TIPs projects can be delivered remotely via web training, web discussions and online collaboration.  We offer the most cost efficient and effective way to expand and improve the value of your Oracle eAM solution.

Where are the untapped capabilities in eAM that you could be using?  Below we’ve outlined some “high value” capabilities that most companies have not implemented.  These are “game changers” with ROI that far exceeds the cost and effort to implement them.

Maintenance Costing & Budgeting - Do you have control of your maintenance budgets?  Do you know how to use Oracle eAM to analyze maintenance costs to make data driven decisions? Oracle eAM provides out-of-box capability to build “zero based” maintenance budgets and analyze past, present and future maintenance costs. Extract historical costs for past accounting periods or estimated costs of future one, based on Preventive Maintenance rules.

Condition Based Maintenance - Are you taking full advantage of Oracle eAM's capabilities so that you know where your next failure will likely occur? Condition Based Maintenance is the recommended maintenance strategy for all mission critical Assets. Are you tapping into electronic sources of condition data to automate Condition Data collection and input? Quality Plans in eAM provide the ability to not only collect condition data, but also make the data “actionable”.


Failure Tracking - Harness the Failure Analysis tool so your maintenance record keeping provides the essential asset health information. Failure Analysis enables you to track an asset failure from the time it is reported until its resolution. For Failure Analysis to be valuable failure codes and sets must be set up to provide meaningful information.  Learn how to create, find, update and process records for Failure Codes, Failure Sets and Assigning Failure Sets to Asset Groups, Failure Transactions, Failure History and Failure Analysis.

Advanced Scheduling ​– Shift from reactive to proactive maintenance and increase maintenance efficiency by implementing proven maintenance scheduling processes utilizing eAM. Achieving a high level of scheduling and execution of maintenance is a daunting task. Implement this project to take your scheduling process to the next level.

Rebuildables – Tracking the movement of rebuildable spares is important and can provide valuable information on repair history used to make repair/replace decisions. Implement rebuildables in Oracle eAM to add this valuable function.


Oracle eAM & Maintenance Cloud SUPPORT


EAM Masters is now offering support with quick, on-demand answers from our Oracle maintenance experts for eAM and Maintenance Cloud. We also offer proactive support to monitor our customers Oracle investment for potential improvements. We are able to support you with your implementation of Oracle Maintenance Cloud or eAM through evaluations, and improvements of existing installations, as well as upgrades.

Our Master Scorecard is a simple way to gauge how well you have implemented Oracle eAM and the extent to which you are fully utilizing the capabilities of the system. This is the perfect tool to assess your Maintenance Cloud readiness.This is used as a starting point for our support relationships. EAM Masters supports the growth and change of your company so you can continue to achieve excellence with Oracle Maintenance Cloud and eAM.

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