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In the maintenance business, extended down time for repairs is additional money lost. You have to know the facts first when making maintenance decisions about  your most important and expensive assets. Therefore, our consulting process starts with an assessment of how well your organization is already using Oracle eAM or Cloud Maintenance. From there, we can help you improve your use of Oracle with any of our Targeted Improvement Projects. (TIPs).


Each TIP is designed by maintenance experts to ensure that your company is taking full advantage of a specific Oracle Cloud Maintenance application.


Data Cleaning

Your maintenance data may be the most valuable resource that your organization is wasting. Regardless of how expensive, functionally-rich, or industry-recommended a maintenance software application may be, it is only as good as the data flowing through it. Oracle Maintenance Solutions helps ensure that your data is clean, accurate, usable, and profitable.

Condition Based Maintenance

How do you know when and where your next asset failure will occur? Oracle eAM's Condition Based Maintenance is the expert-recommended maintenance strategy that shows you where your next asset failure will occur. By tapping into the electronic sources of condition data and automating the Condition Data collection and input, eAM's Quality Plans allows you to use that data to make the correct maintenance decisions.

Maintenance Costing & Budgeting

Do you have control of your maintenance budgets? Oracle eAM allows you to analyze your maintenance costs so that all of your decisions can be driven by data. At EAM Masters we can show you how to analyze all of your past, present, and future costs to make a robust maintenance budget.

Advanced Scheduling

Too often companies are on a reactive maintenance schedule where they can easily fall behind. With Oracle eAM you can shift your company to a proactive maintenance schedule and ensure that things are fixed before they're even broken. This transition can be daunting, but the experts at EAM Masters can help you take your scheduling process to the net level.


Tracking the movement of rebuildable spares is an important way to get valuable data about repair history. Oracle eAM helps you use that data to make the right repair or replace decisions.


Failure Tracking and Analysis

There are two ways to handle an asset failure: you can do nothing, or you can learn from it. With Oracle eAM's Failure Analysis tool, your team can track an asset failure from the time it is reported until it is resolved. This information will be invaluable for improving your overall maintenance system. EAM Masters can help your organization learn to create, find, update, and process records for Failure Codes, Failure Sets, and Failure Analysis.

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