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Our objectives for a Scorecard Assessment are to work with company leaders to accomplish the following:

  • Review and understand the assessments already done and initiatives underway
  • Establish a Maintenance Maturity Score
  • Use our EAM Master Scorecard to establish a fact-based evaluation of the current use of Oracle eAM
  • Use our eAM Scorecard database to compare the use of eAM against the benchmark scores
  • Develop a list of Findings and Recommendations

Oracle eAM Standard Online Scorecard Assessment

  • The following tangible deliverables are produced during a Scorecard Assessment.


    Maintenance Maturity Score™

    The Maintenance Maturity Score™ is an assessment tool that provides an objective evaluation of the extent to which a maintenance organization is making full and productive use of maintenance best practices. We evaluate the current maintenance practices using 22 different criteria to calculate an overall composite score. The individual criteria provide guidance on process improvements that can be achieved in parallel with system improvements in Oracle eAM. A Benchmark ranking will be calculated based on the overall score.


    EAM Master Scorecard™

    The EAM Master Scorecard™ is an assessment tool that provides an objective evaluation of the extent to which a company or site is making full and productive use of Oracle eAM and parts of Oracle Inventory, Purchasing, Accounting and Projects as they relate to maintenance and Oracle eAM. It includes scores for 32 different criteria as well as a weighted average overall score. Benchmark rankings will also be calculated for each criteria score and for the composite score.


    Findings and Recommendations

    Our Findings and Recommendations will include our overall interpretation of the EAM Master Scorecard™ and Maintenance Maturity Score™ as well as an explanation of our suggested actions and initiates to undertake. Findings and Recommendations are only provided at the Premium Level of participation. Please, contact us for information regarding Premium Level.

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