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The Oracle eAM Master Certification Course is the most advanced and complete learning program available for the Oracle Enterprise Asset Management solution (Oracle eAM). It is a comprehensive 16 Lessons, web-based curriculum that covers the entire Oracle Maintenance Module plus portions of Inventory, Purchasing and Financials as they pertain to maintenance. Successful completion of this course will enable graduates to assume a lead role in expanding and improving their organization's use of the Oracle maintenance solution.

Oracle eAM Master Certification Course Self-Paced

  • Lesson 1 - Orientation, Course Overview, How to Prepare for Certification Exam

    Lesson 2 - Search and Navigation, Standard Reports, Using Attachments

    Lesson 3 - eAM Parameters, Value Lists, Org Level Setups (Areas, Depts., etc.)

    Lesson 4 - Oracle eAM Costing and Integration with Oracle Financials

    Lesson 5 - Asset Categories, Groups, Bills of Material and other Asset Data

    Lesson 6 - Assets, Asset Hierarch, Rebuildable Assets, Asset Routes

    Lesson 7 - Asset Activities, Activity Routings and BOM's

    Lesson 8 - Meters, PM Schedules, Forecasting and Generating PM's

    Lesson 9 - Work Request and Approval, Work Order Creation and Planning

    Lesson 10 - Work Order Scheduling, Transactions and Completion

    Lesson 11 - Maintenance User Workbench, WO Relationships, Rebuildable WO's

    Lesson 12 - Integration with Oracle Inventory and Purchasing

    Lesson 13 - Failure Codes and Sets, Failure Transactions and Analysis

    Lesson 14 - Quality Collection Elements and Plans, Quality Results

    Lesson 15 - Safety Permits

    Lesson 16 - Add'l Topics such as Work Order Capitalization, Construction Units

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